Milk Traceability

Milk is a fragile substance, thus preserving its quality right from milking until it is processed in the dairy industry has always been a challenge and a permanent concern. To achieve this, it is essential to obtain good-quality milk from primary production and to maintain it until it is processed in the dairy industry by keeping any possible disruption to a minimum.

In order to avoid risks, and to ensure hygiene-sanitary quality and raw cows’, sheep's and goats’ milk safety, A Milk Collection and traceability system is needed,  therefore  Synergy was Approached by one of the leading Diary company in Palestine who work with Small Scale Live Stock Breeders.

The Software is a management and Quality control solution System, from the Collection hubs in Various locations until final delivery at the Dairy plant . It documents various related test results that has to do with type quantity and Quality of the Milk issuing batch numbers for the collected Quantity as well as batch and traceability for all the samples taken from the farmers, there are also various others tests including documentation of test results for the various container and transport means of the batches.

The system includes a database for all the farmers, their animal stock type history of training, history of their supply cycle and their compliance with the requirements and standards set By the Dairy company.