Van Sales


Van Sales or (DSD) Direct Store Delivery is a B2B software solution  for sales and logistics where products are delivered to a retail store directly by the manufacturer bypassing a retailer’s distribution centre.. The  operation cycles starts with Check out where the Goods are transfers  from suppliers warehouse to the delivery vehicle, making the Vehicle the Virtual warehouse, delivery sales , invoicing, receipts and returns and managed by the app with or without internet connectivity. Printing of documents is done through wireless or Bluetooth connection to mobile thermal printers.   end of the working shift , the Delivery vehicle checks in the warehouse and auditing and verifications of Stock, returns, invoices and receipts as well as different types of payment are checked on the suppliers warehouse  backend . The system can be integrated with third party accounting or ERP systems . currently it is  integrated with SAP Business One.


  • Improve store-visit productivity and the customer experience with the ability to collect payments, print invoices, and mange  returns.
  • Utilization of barcode handheld devices to speed up the whole delivery cycle
  • Improve vehicle management with inventory records that automatically update after every order
  • Gives the company much better control  over financial transactions management of bonuses..etc.
  • Save drivers time by eliminating the need for pre-store visits and end-of-day reporting and eliminate paper reconciliation .
  • Access vital customer and order information, with or without an Internet connection


  • Beverages, juices and drinks
  • Bottled water
  • Bakery, including specialty and wholesale
  • Candy and confections
  • Dairy, cheese and cultured products
  • Ice cream
  • Packaged meats and prepared foods
  • Salty snacks and nut meats