Shini Supermarkets and Grocers Stores ,  is one of the well-known supermarket chains in Palestine, which is expanding and growing rapidly.

Hence there existing solution was not up to task anymore, and the need for an ERP system arose. After some research they opted for SAP Business one.    

Shini has a third party POS  “Point of Sales” system , we worked with the supplier of the system on integrating it with SAP Business to automate the transactions between the two systems according to the customer needs and requirements.

This way the system that can manage all their aspects and processes, from Purchasing, Inventory management to the Sales and banking, on top the of amazing  advantage of SAP capabilities, ranging from sophisticated live and on demand reports for costing, purchasing and sales analysis, as well as  inventory planning so they never out of stock.

Benefits for shini:

  • Clear and flexible costing reports.
  • Procurement process, purchasing planning and management.
  • Wide range of reports.
  • Manage approvals, systematically.
  • Internal chat, mailing ability for internal use and for suppliers or other external entities.
  • And so much more...