Jebrini Group


Al Jebrini group consists of 4 companies

  • PalFarm - Cows Farm

SAP Business One was implemented For PalFarm company including all modules mainly focused on fixed assets, production, sales and purchasing along with inventory managment, with some custimizations to manage registering calphs, giving treatments for cows, and regestering dead ones.

  • Dairy - Manufacture

SAP Business One was implemented for Dairy manufacturing company including all modules with a main focus on the purchase of raw materials, the production processes of dairy products and the sales to PalGroup company, along with all the financial, banking, cost accounting and fixed assets.

  • Cheese - Manufacture

SAP Business One was implemented for Cheese manufacturing company including all modules with the focus on the purchase of raw materials and the pasteride milk from dairy company, the production processes of cheese products and the sales process to Palgroup along with all the financial, banking. cost accounting and fixed assets.

  • Palgroup - Sales and Distribution

SAP Business One was implemented for Palgroup company including all modules in it's 4 branches except for production module, as a sales and distribution company the main focus was on purchasing the finished products from the dairy and cheese companies and selling these products to a wide range of customers through sales employees via distribtution vans.

In order to systemize the sales process on hand held devices which is fully integrated with SAP Business One our solution Van Sales was deployed on the Palgroup company to mange the sales process along with the cash managment.

HR & Payroll add on that is integrated to Iface detection devices was implemented for the whole group to manage employees attendance, leaves, allowances, deductions, salary calculations and end of service calulations.

As a group of companies an intergration between companies was developed to unifie the finished products between manufacturing companies and sales and distribution companies for example, also to manage sales and purchase transactions between the group.

Key Benifits:

  • Access Real time information which reflect the current status of the business through valuable real time reports that helps in decision making.
  • Material Resource Planning driven by the performance and demand of the sales processes.
  • Inventory managment and transfer between branches and to sales employees vans.
  • Manage production processes with costs allocation
  • Mangage cow's births, treatments, productivity and deaths.
  • Systmize the sales process through hand held devices that runs Van Sales applicaitonwhich scan bar codes of items to create sales transactions.
  • Manage trasactions and master data between the companies.
  • Manage Human resources and Payroll.