Sales Management

Today the sales process is rarely as simple as selling widgets over the counter for cash to one customer at a time. Rather, it has evolved into a complex collection of interrelated processes that may involve some, if not all, of the following: production planning, inventory and logistics management, ordering, billing and dunning, and maintaining customer relationships as well as seeking out new sales opportunities – all of which are covered in SAP Business One.

Closing business, turning leads into sales, is the lifeblood of your company’s revenue stream. You have to monitor all the leads to view the sales stream as a whole and tend each lead as if it were your only sale. The SAP Business One ERP and business management solution gives you a simple way to enter and manage your sales opportunities, providing vital information for reporting and analysis. In addition, the day-to-day work of turning leads into sales, such as making calendar appointments, setting up meetings, and sending e-mails, can be managed either in SAP Business One or in Microsoft Outlook.

You need to track what is most important to your company’s bottom line: the deals in the making that will become your revenue stream. You create a sales opportunity record in SAP Business One for each sales opportunity and, since you may well be working on more than one deal per customer, SAP Business One sales management enables you to track by opportunity, not just by customer and lead.  And you need to maintain service levels; by promise accuracy, efficient back order handling, and returns crediting.

SAP Business One Sales Management Features:-

  • Sales Opportunities
  • Efficient Order to cash cycle
  • Activity Management
  • Available to promise
  • Deliveries and Partial Deliveries
  • Invoices, Down Payment Invoices, Reserve Invoices
  • Approval process based on your business rules
  • Multiple price list functionality including specials, volume pricing, customer specific price lists
  • Focus on gross profit and margins
  • eCommerce

SAP Business One Sales Management Benefits:-

  • Eliminate duplication and increase efficiency –  in the Quote, Order, Delivery, Invoice, Payment process
  • Shorten the Order to cash cycle
  • Manage entire Sales process
  • Access to your sales pipeline
  • Powerful reporting, alerting and controls
  • Accurate pricing and margin maintenance